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It is with great sadness I have to tell you that Bob Taylor our show trade organiser, among other titles has passed away following a short terminal illness. We send our condolences to Ann his wife and all his family. As such all trade enquires will go through the Email yours Bob Savage

The BOGG Show team have had meetings with various venues around the Bristol area, BUT none come upto the standard of the UWE site. Either lack of floor space, on multi levels, in several rooms, restricted on site parking worse than UWE. No hotel accommodation close to venue.
We are still looking in the Bristol area, and we hope to speak to a interesting venue in the near future.
To those who are using our Show Trade Directory many thanks it keeps our Name & Location in public site.

Amberly have a new owner, Peter Harris. Now known as Amberly Components. He in working on a NEW web site [] until we have confirmation of site being live use the mobile phone number 07880 369544.

Both, Omen Miniatures and Amberly Services have new owners, see Gauge 0 Guild traders listing for NEW contact details

Change of date & venue To Be Advised.
Part of the Adrian Swain empire of 43 to 1 models has been purchase by D.J Parkins, see for more details

Bristol O Gauge Group are planning to re-run their 2004 etch brass soldering workshop at the end of February 2022 [Saturday 26th]
We are limiting numbers to 10 visitors, with a few BOGG members on hand to assist if needed.
Location - Times - & date to be confirmed

Pre-grouping Railways is the new trading name for Furness Model Railway Wagon Company.
Owner is still Marc Dobson, phone 01229 219875

On 10th August 2021, Kirtley Model Buildings became part of INTENTIO MODEL RAILWAYS. Kirtley Model Buildings web site still active.

We have approached 2 race coerces & 1 football stadium, for prices & available date, been told a WINTER date will not be available, may have to re-think show date to mid year

On 17th June 2021, the Gauge O Guild issued the following statement, regarding the 2021 event, but they are proceeding with the 2022 date.
"The Events Team and the Management Committee are sorry to announce that Guildex 2021 has been cancelled. The delay to lifting Covid restrictions and ongoing perception of risk means there are too many uncertainties"

INFORMATION from the Gauge O Guild web listing.
The loco Backheads / Iron Mink & Deal wagon kits have gone to JPL
LBSC open 'D' gone to ACE Products
Bogie Sealion kit gone to PR Model Railway Products
Some Coach & Wagon etches have gone to Phoenix Precision Paints.
PLEASE CHECK with these traders before ordering as the hand over of moulds / etched & sundry parts from NMRS to the new owners may take a few weeks.
Please use the traders web listing for latest information

Notice issued by Chris Smith of Invertrain.
That most of Buffer range will be available via the Invertrain web pages, check with them before ordering as rearranging supplies may take a few weeks.
No information on other NMRS items

In the February issue of the Gauge 0 Guild Gazette, page 77.
Graham Jones of Northants Model Railway Supplies passed away 16/01/21 of Corona Virus.
Keep a look out for more info from the Guild as & when details of the business's future is known. This loss will affect several traders as Graham supplied Buffers / Backheads / assorted white metal castings to the trade.

We have contacted several POSSIBLE show sites.
A football stadium, need to work around their 'home' match fixtures
A race course Grand Stand as at YORK, waiting replies from both Bath & Cheltenham
A Agricultural Show Ground [The Bath & West] bur the problem here is the cross country route to find site.
A similar event as Swindon's Steam Museum, BUT at the Aero Space site in Filton, waiting access to their events team.
The 'NEW' Bristol Arena at Filton, we have been informed they will not be taking bookings until 2025 at the earliest, as this is a ex- aeroplane hanger not sure what the lighting & sound will be like.
As & When more info is available it will be posted on this web site, keep watching.

Our next show at time of this entry is January 2022.
We have been informed that the UWE Conference Centre will be included into the main teaching / tutorial area, because of the social distancing requirements and will not be released for private use for some considerable time.
You the visitors have suggested some alternative sites, 1 Thornbury Leasure Centre, 2 Chippenham or Calne Leasure Centres.
The use of using sports / leasure we will be sharing of PARKING, at Thornbury the overflow is FIELD parking not a good idea in January.
The Stem Museum at Swindon has been thought of, but again this i a shared parking & entry event.
If we use a School there will 'LOTS' of small rooms to fit traders into.
It has been suggested the Aero Museum at Filton [where the last flying Concorde is housed] but we have not yet been able to view this site, waiting for it#s reopening.

On 18th May 2020, the Exhibition & Conference Centre was closed to external hire by the Dean of University of the West of England, until mid 2021.
We will look for a alternative site but it will not be on the scale of the UWE venue

On 30th May 2020, we were informed that Adrian Swain of A.B.S. Models -- 43two1 Models-- and many other white metal kits has passed away.
The BOGG express our regrets on his passing.

Trader count of those showing a interest in the 2021 BOGG Show is now 42.
The Nightingale Hospital was opened with 12 beds on Thursday 29th April, after taking 3 weeks to be created, we 'HOPE' it will not be needed.
The Show web pages are receiving between 650 & 700 hits per week.
Any changes to our plan will be posted as and when we get more information.
Keep Well & Keep Safe. Happy Modelling

We sent out 91 invites to the trade, by yesterday 40 had replied, 2 have declined, 2 possible as they are not sure what their stock levels will be.
On 6th April we were informed that our Venue was to be a Emergency Nightingale Hospital.
We are waiting for UWE to confirm the venue will be available for us in January 2021, until we know please continue to use our 2020 show trader list to purchase your modelling requirements.
Keep Well, Keep Safe.

Please note trader invites have been sent out today for January 2021, keep looking at web for latest info regarding show.

PLEASE note we will continue to plan the 2021 BOGG Exhibition, by inviting the trade, Layouts / Model Clubs / Societies, will be contacted around Mid-August when the medical situation is better understood.
UNTIL we have more information the Bristol 0 Gauge Group will leave the 2020 trader listing on our web site.
Keep healthy & happy modelling

We have increased the price of our show wagons sent by post to £51.00 to cover the postal price increase last year.
Traders please check that you returned any extension leads you borrowed, also any show pass's as there are a difference of 20 between number issued & those returned, many thanks

See thank you letter page for a full show report

Again we increased out number through the door by just under 50.
OUR requested date for 2021 is 31st January 2021, this is dependent on the hall NOT being needed for for exams.
We hope that you enjoyed the show, a visitor asked if it was possible to have a 'MODERN' image layout, the choice of layouts is dependent on you the modellers offering us you railway empire to display.

Nick Lowe 08.12.2021 19:56

Have you thought about the Glos County Cricket ground? Should not interfere with any sporting events.

Nick Lowe 25.07.2020 10:46

I have jusy been looking at the Aerospace Museums web site and thought that it would be an ideal alternative to UWE and was going to mention it to yourselves.

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